3 of My Favorite Food Spots in Bergen-Hudson County, NJ, Along Hudson River’s Neighborhoods

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As a father of two, my wife and I must balance our children’s school schedules and activities around our work. It’s hectic, and I’m sure you can relate to how the past year’s global pandemic has drastically altered our daily routines. Although working in the car business continues to mean long hours while meeting wonderful clients looking for their next Highlander Hybrid or RAV4


What has been interesting to hear from many of them is how tired they are of their home cooking. I can relate. So, let’s see if you can guess the most common question I get from my clients.


“Where’s the best local spot for – Asian, Cuban, Italian, Peruvian….”


Living in New Jersey, well, I feel privileged. As a kid in Union City in the early ’80s, my parents would get the best spareribs from a Cuban-Chinese restaurant and pizza at Sal’s Pizza, both on Bergenline Avenue. Today, Sal’s is still there, serving up the best classic slices of pizza that’s always a welcomed find. 


So, in honor of my clients and the ethnic diversity of my local neighborhoods, I’m sharing this list of my favorite local spots. It’s always a great time of the year to support our local businesses, especially when they need our support. 


Are you ready for your driver’s journey along New Jersey’s Gold Coast and surrounding areas? Today, I’ll share three of my favorite spots. I’ll do a follow-up soon with pictures and videos. 


Wich One for Casual Korean Fusion: Best Sandwiches in NJ (201) 840-8111


I’ll start with Wich One, my favorite casual Korean fusion, located at 529 Anderson Avenue in Cliffside Park. Their motto is: Eat. Love. Share. I couldn’t have put it any better than that. It’s on NJ.com’s Top 25 list of best sandwiches and top 10 for its Cheesesteak, which couldn’t be tastier with ribeye, mozzarella, spring mix lettuce and sauteed onions set on fresh, crispy ciabatta bread. You should also try Wich One Piggie Sandwich with Premium Farm Raised Pork and their delicious salad bowls. Every order includes kimchi, your choice of toppings and homemade sauces like spicy Gochujang, Sirachoa Aioli and more. Whether it’s a sandwich for one or your family or co-workers, including a private event, I highly recommend it for its outstanding service, quality and simple deliciousness. 


Picture from Wich One.

Anticucheria Parrilladas Dany for Peruvian 201-223-0995


Growing up with Ecuadorian Ceviche, I am very particular about it and confess that I love the Peruvian version too. Whether you have a family of four like me or simply prefer large family-style servings (who doesn’t?) that never disappoint, then Dany’s is the spot for you. Located on 112 48th Street in Union City, this authentic Peruvian restaurant is usually packed with diners, especially during the weekends. It’s worth the wait that is never too long. Aside from its ceviche mixto, infused with Leche de Tigre, I love its Chaufa EspecialFor those of you who don’t know chaufa, it’s the Peruvian version of Fried rice. A single entrée with generous amounts and sizes of shrimp, beef, chicken, calamari, and other seafood comes in an impressive size that can serve three persons. And, of course, while there, why not also order el Pollo a la Parilla that is so tender and flavorful with the green sauce.   


Gandolfo Pizzeria & Restaurant for Old-School Italian Casual (201) 662-8004


If you live in the area or are spending time near Braddock Park, you will love Gandolfo. This family-owned neighborhood favorite is located at 523 Bergenline Ave in North Bergen. It’s been my favorite go-to local Italian for the best old-school pizza, fried calamari, chicken parmesan and all those sweet Italian flavors and aromas we grew up being spoiled to in this area. It’s unpretentious, no-hassle and the kind of place you immediately think of when you want comfort food. You must try their baked ziti. 

I’ll be back with more on each of these three places, sharing pictures and videos over the next couple of weeks. Share the experience and support our local eateries. Let me know of your favorite places too.

By Steven Aguilar

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